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Grids with Wim Crouwel

Category : Graphic Design, Legends · by Feb 4th, 2014

You cannot mention grids without mentioning Wim Crouwel. His career spans six decades and covers an extraordinary journey from designer, teacher, curator to museum director. Crouwel had a fascination with grids and a systematical approach to design with post modernist principles. His work showed how his logical process filtered a subject down to its very essence, and achieves great impact and purpose in both exhibitions and print.

Below is a short clip of Wim Crouwel talking about some of his legendary work.

Dutch Profile: Wim Crouwel from Submarine Channel on Vimeo.


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johnny g
6 years ago · Reply

Nifty video. Good use of nine minutes.

5 years ago · Reply

There’s a 1/2 hour Lou Dorfsman audio interview fltnaiog around online somewhere. It was from when the “Dorfsman and CBS” book came out. It’s great to hear him speak about all his work- with a little nostalia, since at that point the identity he designed was starting to be dismantled- the wall, the reports, Didot, microphones… and his New York accent is awesome. Also- I wanted to tell you that the 1964-67 D&AD annuals are on ebay right now from British seller souvenir-century. Definitely worth getting-if you don’t have them already.

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