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Richard Rogers

Category : Architecture, Legends · by Oct 8th, 2013

Rogers has consistently worked with themes that are far wider than conventional architectural thinking, articulating them as a spokesperson, writer, politician and activist, as well as an architect. I’m alway inspired by hearing Richard speak, a creative with such a wide span of knowledge and practice. Now 80 years old, but still sharp as a razor and so down to earth with his views on social impact of design.

Below is a video of a Time Lapse of one of his projects:

“Oxley Woods achieves something which should have happened sixty years ago. This is mass factory- produced housing, erected in three days, incorporating top technology, top energy performance, varied house designs, a choice of cladding materials and a wide variety of estate layouts. It is radical, innovative and an outstanding step away from the tradition mud and mess of the domestic building site”…

Design for Manufacture – Oxley Woods from Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners on Vimeo.

Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners — in conjunction with housebuilder Wimpey — has produced a prefabricated house which can be assembled on site in less than 24 working hours. This is part of the Government's 'Design for Manufacture' initiative. Up to 145 properties of different types are being built on a site at Oxley Woods in Milton Keynes, UK. (March 2008) Film Production: hijack

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