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Leading in Sustainable Design – William McDonough

It has been an incredible journey so far, since starting my Masters at Kingston.
We were introduced to William McDonough and his life changing book ‘Cradle to Cradle’ by our lecturer and course director Paul Micklethwaite.
This book – the great collaboration with chemist, Michael Braungart has changed the way people see the world today.
It’s closed loop life cycle thinking, it’s biosphere and technosphere approach to the way we design and reuse, are all great examples of how we can live in a more sustainable way. What frustrates me is why it has taken so long for us humans to figure this out.

McDonough states, that we are looking at China as the worlds biggest polluters, but we shouldn’t forget UK was up there only 60 years ago and USA was also there 50 years ago. China are moving quickly, so he is hopeful that they will also resolve this quite quickly. William is currently in talks with senior ministers of China, and they are working hard together to get it right.

Here’s a short interview where William talks through some of his great work.